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Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental Traction
When your posture and mobility are challenged, some muscles along your spine tighten while others become weak and fatigued. With time, affected muscles and ligaments make spinal correction more difficult. We use Intersegmental Traction to gently stretch and elongate the muscles supporting your spine to enhance the retraining of your spine. Lie down and allow the gentle stretching action of the table provide you with these helpful benefits:

Joint motion—As you lie relaxed, face up on our table, rollers beneath the surface slow travel up and down your spine. This adds motion to each spinal segment, the key to restoring improved spinal function.

Improved circulation—The gentle stretching of supporting muscles and soft tissues increases oxygen and blood flow, essential for healing.

Reduces swelling—New injuries are often accompanied by edema and fluid buildup. Motion to spinal joints reduces this protective mechanism and sets the stage for better healing.

Disc hydration—With blood supply to the discs almost nonexistent after our teen years, disc nutrition and healing depend upon the circulation of fluids surrounding each joint. Traction helps circulate these fluids, supplying nutrition and removing cellular wastes.

Passive exercise—Like stretching before a workout, intersegmental traction helps restore elasticity to muscles supporting the spine. This helps break up adhesions and scar tissue, making your chiropractic adjustments more effective.

Feels great!—You’ll love the relaxation! Traction feels good, is good for you and is an important adjunctive procedure that enhances the effectives of your chiropractic care.

These 10-15 minute sessions, which occur after your chiropractic adjustments, help retrain your spine, establish better support, improved mobility and reduce the effects of scar tissue.

Make an appointment to talk to our doctor about how we may be able to help you.

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